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The National Prison Hospice Association promotes hospice care for terminally ill prisoners. Our purpose is to assist corrections and hospice professionals in their continuing efforts to develop high quality patient care procedures and management programs. We provide a network for the exchange of information between corrections facilities, community hospices, and other concerned agencies about existing programs, best practices, and new developments in the prison hospice field.


Hospice is an interdisciplinary, comfort-oriented program of care that allows seriously ill and dying patients to live and die with dignity and humanity and with as little pain as possible. Hospice provides emotional and spiritual support and preparation for the natural process of dying. Each patient has a hospice care team made up of physicians, nurses, chaplains, social workers and hospice volunteers. Palliative care, pain management, symptom control, and family support are crucial parts of the hospice philosophy.

Fleet Maull, Founder/Director

Madalon O’Rawe Amenta, RN, DPH
Stephen and Ondrea Levine
Mitchell M. Levy, MD
Florence Wald, MN, MS, FAAN in memorium

Fleet Maull, President
Nealy Zimmerman, Vice-President

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We are always in need of help with our activities and expenses, which include conferences, site visits, web site management, newsletter, mailing information packets, rent, telephone and office supplies. Please consider sending a contribution. NPHA is an IRS code 501 (c) (3) organization and your donation is tax-deductible.

The NPHA Board of Directors would like to thank all of you who are working with and supporting NPHA and its mission to promote hospice and similar palliative care programs for seriously ill inmates throughout the United States.